Ways Change Comes – Lesson Two

When Life Requires Renovation

I have learned a lot from my friends. My life was forever changed years ago, as I watched several of my friends’ lives get turned upside-down.

One friend’s marriage disintegrated. Another friend lost their community influence after a personal, moral failure. And a third friend’s family was forever changed by a series of terrible choices over the course of years. And I knew almost immediately, that if it could happen to these respected friends of mine, it could happen to me.

Where were my weak spots? What areas in my own life did I need to evaluate and improve? I came to the conclusion that I wanted to live, not just exist.

This process of change for me is ongoing, but it has been the most positive and productive of my life, and coaching has helped every step of the way. I have evaluated every aspect of my life, always seeking to improve. I am realizing my dreams in multiple areas of life now and so can you.

I did it with the encouragement and accountability of a coach. The results have been astounding. And Endeavour Coaching wants to do the same for you.

Are you aware of areas in your life that you know need improvement, that may have needed improvement for some time, but you haven’t taken any positive steps forward to change them? When you think about it, you can imagine the person you want to be, the person you know you could be, and yet you struggle to become that person.

Could it be that you need a coach to help you set clear goals, hold you accountable to becoming the person you want to be, and encourage you along the way?

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