Core Values


With an emphasis on helping you to chase the unexplored opportunities that are in your life right now, or that could be just around the bend, exploration is our value to help you dream bigger and influence greater.


We want to help you define both success and failure. But much more than that, we want to ignite your passion to try – to strive for something – to stretch out into an unknown. Success implies encountering obstacles. Because obstacles slow us and deter us, we value recognizing and removing them so that you can get to success. Striving may be uncomfortable at times, but we measure success by effort.


From success, we also value excellence and the pursuit of excellence. Understanding that what works today may not work tomorrow, we push you toward excellence, while constantly monitoring progress through regular evaluations. We do this by holding you up with positive accountability that helps you set goals, complete your tasks, & keep you moving forward. We recognize that results are not everything but striving for excellence matters.


Taking the hard, but teachable moments of life and bringing them into a context of transparent self-awareness, change, and growth.

Creative Thinking

When someone must master new skills, it challenges them & keeps them growing. So, we encourage a creative process as we work alongside you.

Pace & Direction

You are the most qualified person to direct your life, with your own distinctive gifts, passions, and purposes. We value your insights, knowledge, and experience. Our work is to help you discern the proper course, speed, & certainty of the changes you are setting out to make because we value you and your pace and direction.