Coaching Plans

Virtual Consultation – FREE for one 60 minute session

You’ve heard a lot about coaching, but what is it? Could this be right for you? Let’s find out. This is a time for us to answer the question, “What do I want to accomplish?” Increased performance, discovering your destiny, getting organized, regular exercise, slowing down, turning a dream into reality, writing your values, purpose or mission. 

Goal-Setting Plan – $150

Every dream begins with several small wins. The difference between a dream and an accomplishment is practice and the completion of specific goals. Let’s get some wins. During our sessions we will set some goals around an area of your life that you choose. Between sessions you will achieve those goals. Let’s get started!

  • Three 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Life Wheel assessment
  • A personal coach
  • Weekly accountability and follow-up

Annual Review Plan – $200

The same strategies lead to the same results. If you want new and better results, what needs to change in your current structure and systems? With an eye on your previous year’s results, this plan assesses your values, mission, & purpose, and helps you develop a strategic plan for the next year.

  • Four 60-minute appointments
  • Review of Values, Mission Statement, and Purpose Statement
  • Review of calendar and/or budget
  • Review of current structures and systems to identify obstacles and opportunities
  • A personal coach
  • Weekly accountability and follow-up

Total Alignment Plan – $400

Intentionality is a great word. The most significant and lasting things in our lives have occurred because of intentionality or the lack thereof. Learning how to align your daily activities with your values, while infusing intentionality into all of your choices, this plan will craft your mission statement or create a clear purpose statement that you can map out & execute.

  • Eight 60-minute appointments
  • Craft your values, mission statement and purpose statement
  • Explore your energy drainers and energy gainers
  • Map out how to apply your values, mission, and purpose to your life
  • A personal coach
  • Weekly accountability and follow-up