But Why Endeavour?

Essentially, why is our company named what it is named? Let’s go straight to the dictionary.

noun: A serious, determined effort.
Activity toward a directed goal.

verb: To attempt by exertion of effort.
To strive to achieve or reach.

And some of the key elements of the coaching process are exploration, discovery, and accomplishment. So there is so much alignment in the word endeavor.

There is also a major historical component to Endeavour as well.

The HMS Endeavour was the first European ship to reach the east coast of Australia in April 1770. She was the first to chart New Zealand, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii, most of the islands of the South Pacific Ocean, and most of the islands north of Antarctica. Her voyage of exploration lasted 3 years from 1768-1771. Her charts made navigation through those regions much easier, quicker and safer.

The crew of the Apollo 15 mission in 1971, which was a lunar mission that was largely focused on science and exploration. took a small piece of wood from the HMS Endeavour on board with them.

Explorers just appreciating other explorers.

There is also the Space Shuttle Endeavour whose 25 missions occurred between May 1992 to May 2011. Over the course of her service, the Endeavour became known as a shuttle whose missions were marked with obstacles, ingenuity, and success. Her missions included delivering supplies and new components and making significant repairs and enhancements to both the Hubble Space Telescope and the International Space Station.

Like the HMS Endeavour, we are here to help you to explore the unknown, arrive at new places and chart out areas of your life that contain untapped potential.

Like the command module of Apollo 15 we endeavor to launch you beyond your current achievements in your personal and business lives, and to explore new worlds.

Like the Space Shuttle Endeavour, we long to help you overcome obstacles through determination, ingenuity and a commitment to success.

Endeavour is a perfect coaching word. It expresses the desire of a coach to help you dare to dream, start something new, explore the unknown, conquer your obstacles, bring balance to your world, and to set and accomplish goals.