Are You in the Correct Location?

How do you know where you are? And how can you get where you want to go without knowing that? Two real life examples have made it much easier for me to understand positioning. One is called Fiducials. Another is called GPS.

What the heck is a fiducial? For six years I worked as a CAD Programmer building circuit boards of all kinds. We built boards for computers, network systems, servers, and cell phones to name a few. Some of the components on those boards were so small that you literally couldn’t see them without a magnifying glass, and that was when my eyes were good! So, the challenge became, how do you place components on a board accurately and with the correct rotation?

You do that with fiducials. A fiducial is a location marker on a circuit board. It’s usually shaped like a tiny silver doughnut. The industry standard is to have three fiducials on each side of the board. As I programmed, I identified the three fiducials. Then when the board went through the various machines, the machines would measure the fiducial locations and calculate the locations where all the components went and at what rotation. Using this triangulation of fixed markers made component placement very accurate. We only had problems when boards had less than three fiducials or none at all. You can’t measure your position accurately without fixed markers to measure from.

Global positioning systems (GPS) work the same way. But in this case the three fiducials are actually three satellites. Each of the three satellites measures your position from itself separately to give a more accurate picture of your location. Because of this triangulation of measurement, positioning systems are accurate down to inches even from space.

How do you know where you are in life? And if you don’t know with some sort of accuracy, how are you going to get to your life’s destination?

At Endeavour we use a number of measurement tools to help you find your current position and situation in life. We use StrengthsFinder, Life Wheel, Enneagram, and DISC. We also help you realize your purpose, mission, vision, and values to further solidify where you would succeed most. Your niche.

These tools help you to measure where you are. They can help you understand if your activities and values are in alignment. They can help you determine if the company you work for is the right one. Or maybe if it is the right company, they can help you determine if the job is the right fit. Maybe simply transferring to a different department or role would make the difference between daily frustration vs. daily joy. Maybe a slight tweak to your role would increase your job satisfaction dramatically.

Our Discovery, Total Alignment, Perspective or Overhaul plans can help you find that perfect fit and satisfaction you’ve been missing. Choose a plan at and let’s get started.

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