Overcoming Overwhelmed

At Endeavour Coaching we focus on three types of people. The entrepreneur, the misaligned, and the overwhelmed. Endeavour is based in Durham, NC which is a medical city (Hello! Duke), and part of a region in North Carolina known as the Triangle, which includes Raleigh (Hello! NC State) and Chapel Hill (Hi! UNC).

Between these three cities are some of the best hospitals and many of the most talented, knowledgeable, and groundbreaking medical professionals in the country. It’s a great place for medicine, medical research, and training.

But Covid has acutely affected this healthcare in many ways.

I know so many people in the medical profession, so that means that I know of a lot of nurses who have struggled since the pandemic began. Their jobs and roles have changed, the demands are intense and nonstop, and the culture within and without the hospital is just not what they signed up for when they started their nursing careers.

Just one of these changes is enough to exhaust anyone, let alone all three at once. And so, burnout is becoming the norm. Life can’t be lived long, or enjoyed in short, in a constantly exhausted state. Just ask my 1999 Mazda 626. Oh wait. Don’t do that. It gave up the ghost several years back. I drove it until the wheels were about to come off, literally. The last straw was it needed major axel and wheel bearings repair. The wheels were really about to come off!

I want to stop and say thank you to all of you serving in the healthcare profession in whatever capacity you might be serving. Thank you for your hard work, your long hours, and your sacrifices. You risk your lives, pour all of your sweat and tears into hurting people, and constantly navigate the incredible demands that are being made on you.

You are heroes to me. I can’t do what you do, but I CAN support you in it.

It could be that you’ve always wanted to be in healthcare. Maybe because of some past experiences, you are convinced that being in the medical field is your life’s calling so leaving is unthinkable. You’re convinced that you’re on the right bus, but unsure which seat to sit on. When hours, culture and roles and responsibilities at work change, it could be a good time to rethink where you best fit.

Check out my blog entitled, Are You on the Right Bus? It can help you begin asking questions about where you fit on this healthcare bus. And then setup some calls with me, and we can figure it out together.

Overcoming this feeling of overwhelmed IS possible, and it is one reason Endeavour Coaching exists. My goal is to help support healthcare professionals, especially now. I started Endeavour with you in mind. Endeavour’s Goal-Setting or Perspective plans can help you find the refreshment you need and figure out  where you fit in this new world. These plans can help you come up with a new strategy that fits your new  reality.

You see, I want to help you succeed even amidst the difficulty. I want to help you move on from a place of being burned out, to contentment, to arriving, and even thriving! And we can, together.

Are you ready to take that first step toward thriving? Click on services above and let’s get started!

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