The Importance of Achieving Balance

At Endeavour, one of our primary goals with everyone we coach is to help them achieve balance in all areas of their lives. Life balance is key for clarity, navigating challenges, and carrying forward through the daily rigors of life.

If history has taught us anything, it has taught us the importance of balance – literally.

In the early 17th century, Sweden was in a long-term conflict with Poland/Lithuania. As that conflict wore on, the Swedish king, Gustavus Adolphus rightly perceived the changing tactics of naval warfare. Seeing the changes ahead, he commissioned the building of a new huge flagship that would be loaded with cannons and troops.

Using cannons to disable a ship and crew before boarding was the new strategy.

This new ship, coined Vasa, was enormous in its day. 226 feet long and 172 feet tall, and could carry nearly 500 people. Carrying a whopping 64 cannons, it was a beast of a ship that could turn the tide in battles at sea.

But it also carried one tragic flaw. The ship, for all of its size, sat too far up out of the water – it was hopelessly out of balance. Given the size of the ship, Swedish engineers were not prepared for the challenges of the build. But on August 10th, 1628, the Vasa set out for its maiden voyage.

Sadly, after traveling less than 1400 yards, a strong breeze blew and immediately forced the Vasa over to its left side. The Vasa sank, and 30 people were lost in the disaster.

We all get out of balance, from time to time. This imbalance can have minor consequences or, like Vasa, hold the potential to sink everything you’ve been building up to this point.

We use a range of tools at Endeavour, to help our clients assess exactly where their lives might be out of balance. We use these tools understanding that most of us are in the habit of only addressing the daily issues that arise from our imbalances, while never taking the time to understand why these issues keep coming up. And even those of us who exhibit the greatest balance, need adjusting from time to time.

My coaching exists to get you back in balance, whether it’s a regular tune up or a major course correction. Endeavour is here for you.

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