Move the Bottleneck: Recognizing What Slows You Down

For nearly a decade, I worked for one of the most successful fast food franchises in the United States. In my management role, one of my primary tasks was to assess and evaluate our operational systems for delays that were keeping our team from optimal performance.

Whether the issue was the clarity of our drive-thru speaker or the speed of our order taker, or even the traffic flow in our parking lot, I was constantly evaluating these delays, or bottlenecks, to see where improvements could be made.

There are always bottlenecks. The trick is to own them, assess them, and solve them.

At Endeavour, my job as your coach is to help you recognize a bottleneck in your life that is holding you back. You could be dealing with issues of balance, mindset, misplaced priorities, poor goal-setting, a lack of consistency or discipline, or any number of other things.

But you do have the potential for so much more! There is just a bottleneck or obstacle in the way, so I make it my job as your coach to help you remove those bottlenecks and overcome obstacles.

Where you are right now is not where you want to be. And standing in your way is a bottleneck or obstacle. Let’s find them and overcome them. Let’s get started.

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