Conquering the Unforeseen

At Endeavour one of our goals is to help you identify and overcome obstacles. In any and every great endeavor, you will face unforeseen obstacles. This will present you with a choice, to quit, redefine your direction, or overcome the obstacle.

There is an iconic underwater object off the east coast of Australia that can be seen from space. It is of utmost importance to the natural world and the ecosystem of the Pacific Ocean. It is also a navigational challenge for the best of sailors. It was worse before 1770. Can you guess what it is? This object is known as the Great Barrier Reef. It’s called a barrier for multiple reasons.

Up until the late 18th century, even the most seasoned of sailors had a terrible time trying to navigate the Great Barrier Reef. Without charts or a tremendous amount of local knowledge, a safe passages through was nearly unheard of.

But in April of 1770, the HMS Endeavour did just that, and became the first European ship to reach the east coast of Australia. She would be the first to chart New Zealand, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii, most of the Islands of the South Pacific Ocean, and most of the Islands north of Antarctica. Her voyage of exploration lasted 3 years from 1768-1771.

The trip to the Great Barrier Reef was not without unforeseen challenges. The HMS Endeavour had to overcome being grounded, an accident that could have sunk the ship. But after freeing the ship, and spending two weeks on repairs, the voyage continued.

You have experienced the same unforeseen obstacles in your life, as you chart your own courses. These challenges often arise every time we try something new. So my aim as your coach is to help you overcome your own obstacles to success so you can continue on your journey.

We will encounter obstacles, you can count on it. In fact, plan for it. Doing something new includes encountering the unknown and dangerous. There is risk to every new endeavor. But those obstacles don’t have to sink your dreams or stop your journey. Endeavour Coaching is here for you.

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