Are You On The Right Bus?

One of our desires is to help you gain a sense of purpose. The confidence to know that you are in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time. That you are using your greatest skills and loving what you do. There’s nothing worse than putting on a pair of jeans that don’t fit. Just makes everything else in the day seem wrong.

I used to be on the HR team at one of the highest performing and most successful restaurant chains in the country. One of the greatest lessons I learned in that role was to be able to recognize when someone does or does not fit within the organization. And if they do fit, determine where in the organization they could best be utilized with their personality and skills.

My job was to staff the restaurant and put the needs of the business first above personal preferences. Would this potential candidate be good for the store? With multiple interviews and assessments, we were rarely wrong in our hiring choices. We had one of the most diverse staff in our city and had a very low turnover rate.

In that role, my job was to figure out in the first interview whether that potential candidate should be on our team, regardless of personal feelings toward them. The HR team discussed this process using the imagery of a bus.

Our company was a bus, and it was my job to determine whether the candidate should get a seat on the bus. And once on the bus, the next goal was to understand where they would sit on the bus. In other words what role(s) were they going to play? Should they unload the truck, work in the kitchen, dining room, outside in the drive thru, catering or deliveries, something else, or a combination of those? Did they have leadership potential? What was their personality? What were their skills and gifts? Where would they fit?

At Endeavour we use several assessment tools to help clients understand who they are and where they can succeed. We use Enneagram, DISC, 360 Reviews and StrengthsFinder to name a few.

My coaching exists to help you answer the questions, “Are you on the right bus?” and if so, “Are you in the right seat of that bus?”.

Endeavour Professional Coaching is here for you.

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